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Storm Tinsdale is happy with her organized, quiet life, but that is all about to change! 
In Lost and Hound, the first book in the Hibiscus Cove Cozies series, life for Storm Tinsdale takes a surprising turn when a lost puppy named Archie wanders into her life. Storm is content with her quiet and orderly life, but Archie has other plans.
Archie leads Storm to the body of his murdered owner, and suddenly Storm finds herself embroiled in a mystery that she can't resist solving. She agrees to take care of the orphaned puppy until she can find his owners, but as she investigates the murder, Storm discovers that Archie's previous owner had secrets and enemies.
As Storm delves deeper into the case, Archie becomes her loyal sidekick and partner in crime-solving. But as the clues pile up, Storm finds herself in the crosshairs of a dangerous killer.
Can Storm and Archie be able to crack the case and bring the murderer to justice, or will they become the next victims? Will Archie find a safe and happy home, or is Storm's investigation leading them both into danger?
With humor, heart, and a lovable canine sidekick, Lost and Hound is a cozy mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end.
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