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High School Accident Turns Them Into Best Friends

He slowly tried to open his eyes, and when he did, he wondered where she went. In front of him was a plain girl, red hair that hung limply down past her shoulders in no fashionable way, green eyes, not fat or anything, but not a perfect or even sexy body. She was what he and his friends would call a plain Jane.  
“Are you feeling better?” she asked. Then he knew, that heavenly voice, was hers. He didn't let her know that he was disappointed in who she was, he simply smiled, “Thank you so much! That was amazing, the way you helped me. I guess I had a few too many drinks, and it hit me quick.” 
“Yeah, my sister is inside, I’m her dd. She’s your girlfriend’s best friend, Billie, and she always comes home from these parties sick, and I am the one who stays up all night with her, helping her through it.” When he listened to her speak, he realized that there was more to this “plain Jane” then anyone knew. Without thinking, he grabbed her, pulled her close, and hugged her. It wasn't a sexual or lustful hug, but just a friendly hug to show his appreciation. Just then he heard screaming. 
“I turn my head for one second and my boyfriend is out here cheating on me!!!!!” Sandra screamed at the top of her lungs. She was standing in the open doorway that led out back from the house.  
“No.” they both quickly stood and tried to speak. They both had a guilty look on their faces, even though they weren't doing anything wrong.  
“Really? Really? You weren't cheating? No, you just came out back, where all the LOSERS are, and you have some TRAMP in your arms, but you ARE NOT CHEATING???” At this point, there was no reasoning with her. She was in a fit of rage.  
“You must be drunk, because look at this tramp. She has to be the ugliest thing at this party, and you are in her arms instead of mine? Have you seen me? What, you think she’s sexier than me??”  
Bryson had no idea what to say, both girls were looking right at him.  
“Baby, no, of course not.” He tried to calm Sandra down.  
“So, if you weren't cheating on me with her, I want you to tell her that she’s an ugly ho, and you were drunk and thought it was me, and that you’d NEVER do anything with someone as ugly as her!!” 
Bryson’s mouth dropped. Was she serious? This girl had just came up to him to help him, and she did, and now in front of the entire school, was being humiliated by his insecure jealous girlfriend. Even though Bryson knew the right thing to do, he still turned to Sarah and said, “You know I’m dating the most beautiful girl in school, I don’t know why you came up and started hugging me, but have you seen yourself lately? You could never compare to her!” As soon as the words left his mouth, he regretted them. The look on her face broke his heart, and he immediately tried to take them back, but she took off running. She didn't even bother going through the house, she ran through the neighbor’s yard, and was gone in seconds.  
“That’s what I thought.” Sandra said, happily prancing over to Bryson, and hooking her arm around his, leading him back inside.  
“Now that that tramp is gone, let’s go have some fun.”  
Bryson took one more look over his shoulder into the shadows where she had gone, but sighed as he walked into the house.

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