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Emma LLC (Term) Stuck in the Office on A Weekend Night (HD 1920X1080)

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Emma gets a call from her demanding boss asking her to come in on a weekend night to prepare a presentation for the following Monday morning for a big client. She doesn't care that poor Emma is in a leg cast for the next six weeks and will have to hobble into the office on crutches with her long cold toes sticking out of the cast -- and on a cold winter night. She just needs Emma into the office pronto and Emma reluctantly complies. The clip opens with Emma crutching into her office to start preparing her presentation while trying to get her half bare foot comfortable by propping it on the desk (lots of great POV and worms eye view closeups of Emma’s long pretty toes). She even gets up to take selfies for herself. Finally, she puts her jacker on and crutches out of the office presumably into the cold night.

TIME: 14 Mins

SIZE: 640 Mb


RESOLUTION: 1920x1080

DATE: 07/07/23

You will get a MP4 (639MB) file

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