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The ins and outs of spring cleaning. What do you need?
Spring cleaning, that one time of year when people go crazy in attempts to clean both the inside and the outside of your home in attempts to make it look nice and get rid of some of that useless clutter you're tired of staring at. Not everyone is great at cleaning and some people may not even be very good at it, for those of you who apply under one of those categories, maybe you could use some pointers in how to finally let go some of that unwanted clutter that is taking up so much room and get that house looking better than ever and good as new.

 We'd first like to begin by giving you some advice on things you might want to have handy for this big clean out and then move on to ways to do that big spring clean and maybe even a few tips on those hard to remove stains that have been staring at you from some time now.

What materials do I need?

·   Vacuum

·   Carpet cleaner

·   Dusting chemicals/Microfiber dusting cloth

·   Broom and dustpan

·   Mop

·   Washer and Dryer

·   Rake

·   Garbage bags

·   Water hose

Now keep in mind this is a bit of basic list and depending on your home and yard set up, yours may look a little different. For some of you, this might be meaning adding a few extra things and for others, it may mean taking away. There is no one size fits all list for people it just depends on you and what you want to accomplish. Let's move on to the area's you may want to tackle during your cleaning frenzy.

 Kitchen (We spend a ton of time in here so might as well make it look nice!)

Mopping, sweeping, and the usual upkeep are a great way to start. You may also want to go through your dishes and consider donating anything that you don't use and just sits there taking up space. Dust shelves and the inside of cabinets where cups and plates sit. If things have collected on top of your fridge, that is also another great way to go. Consider polishing the bottom of chairs and the table that may be dirty from continuous use and run in's with dirty shoes and feet.

Consider cleaning the inside of your fridge and freezer. Some people do this by turning off the fridge for an hour, take everything out and let it defrost. Use a gentle solution of baking soda and water and clean out all the grime and spills that it may have. Turn it back on and it's clean as new.

Living room
This can be a bit more demanding…

Takedown curtains and consider washing them. This also includes washing windows, window sills, vacuum any carpets followed by a good shampooing with a steam cleaner. Any shelves that host books or other knick-knacks should be thoroughly dusted and cleaned beneath the shelving as well. Dust any area that can be dusted, and toss anything that is just sitting around and building up the clutter that may not have any use or plans of use.

Clean all linen and pillows and add fresh sheets. Now might be the time to put away those heavy-duty blankets and start looking into lighter ones appropriate for the weather. Flipping the mattress is a good idea to keep it in shape. Some may even consider rearranging the bedroom around to give it a fresh new look.

Cleaning the bathtub, toilet, sinks and other surfaces. Throw out any old and expired cosmetics, toothpaste and expired medications. Take a look through your medicine cabinet and make sure it is up to date with anything you may need in case of an emergency or accident.

Donate anything you no longer wear and consider switching out you're winter clothes for warmer clothes.

Utility areas
Dust and clean around the attic, basement and so forth. Anything that sits around collecting dust that you don't have any intentions of using need to be removed. For those that may be at risk of getting wet, it's a good idea to put them up higher on shelves and at the end of no shelving, cinder blocks work just as well.

Outdoor areas
This can include the patio, the yard and more. You want to try and mow the yard, any leaves that may be on the ground can be raked up into trash bags and set on the curb for collection day. Patios can be generally hosed down with a pressure washer to remove dirt, mould and grime. Likewise, you may want to put down a chemically safe weed eater and mould deterrent to keep either from forming or growing. Trim trees and shrubs that may need it and take care to fix any kind of broken light fixtures or lawn ornaments. For anything that may need repair or paint, now is the time.

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