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Steampunk Airships, Dirigibles and Fantasy Skyships

   This book is a sketchbook of Steampunk art and is packed with images of dirigibles, Steampunk airships, Fantasy skyships and flying galleons. These flights of fantasy from the pen of Cornelius Clifford include over fifty unique and original airships and dirigibles, a mixture of line drawings and watercolours. This quirky collection of airship images conjures up a unique and magical journey through the sky fields, flying along airways filled with sky ships and airboats of every shape, size and design imaginable.
   Let your imagination run away along the sky roads as you enter the kingdoms in the clouds; air battles, adventures and flights of fancy await!
   Some of the airships and sky boats featured within are wind-powered; others have steam engines at their heart. There are steam canons and dwarf-made repeating crossbows for offense, and stout oak or riveted copper hulls for defense. Some dirigibles and gondolas are built like boats; others are fish-like; terrifying metal marine monsters of the skyways!
   For lifting the Steampunk dreadnoughts and battleships use various mechanisms; hot air balloons, marsh gas and magic sky pods, lighter-than-air gases like helium, hydrogen and even steam-powered jets. The Forest Folk use sail-like oars to steer and move their air ships, whereas the Darks Dwarves favour steam canon and water jets. In the Hidden Realms the evil Sky Lords rely on various esoteric forms of magic to motivate, lift and steer their fantastical skyships.
   This book is a sketchbook and the focus is visual entertainment, so there is little text to distract from pleasure of relishing the Steampunk images and fantasy airships... enjoy!
                                                                 Cornelius Clifford

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