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When the LEGO House team unveiled the new upscaled Captain Redbeard set, I was amazed to see this iconic minifigure from my childhood again. Given the reaction from other LEGO fans, it seems that everyone is very pleased to see him.

To mark the return of the most iconic LEGO Pirates Minifigure, we have an interview with the designers who developed the new set and Niels Milan Pedersen, the LEGO design legend who created the swashbuckling theme almost 40 years ago. We then present exclusive instructions showing how to build an upscaled parrot so that when you add Captain Redbeard to your shelf, he has some company.

That’s not the only build inspiration this month, as we also show how to build authentic-looking cameras for your Minifigures. If that sounds too fiddly, then Daniel Konstanski is demonstrating some of the must-know techniques for building massive models.

If your building skills do reach – or are already at – expert level, then you may be tapped on the shoulder to take part in Iron Builder. This beloved community challenge sees competitors building head-to-head with just a seed part for inspiration to see who can earn ultimate bragging rights. We find out more about the contest and showcase some of the amazing builds that have come out of it.

There's plenty more besides, including a look back at 1990s Police, the story of how the LEGO Group started exporting to Germany and our review of The

Lord of the Rings: Rivendell.

Leg godt!

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