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New Celtic Style String Duets, Trios or Quartets - Sheet Music Multipack

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Multipack of pdf sheet music for ten of my original compositions, arranged in four-part harmony.

These pieces are new tunes composed in the style (or 'in the tradition') of English and Celtic folk tunes. They are arranged in four part harmony, so they can be played as quartets, trios or duets.

You can hear what these pieces sound like here. (Please note: the piano is improvised to demonstrate the chord symbols; there is no piano score.)

For each piece you will receive three versions of the score and parts: 

* String quartet (two violins, viola and cello)
* Three violins and cello
* Three violins and viola

The scores also come with chords for guitar or improvised piano accompaniment.

They can be used by string quartets, string orchestras, fiddle groups and smaller groups such as duets and trios of a variety of instruments.

The pieces included are:

*Tune for a Lost City
*Summer on Broad Street
*The Kirtlington Badger
*Farewell to Nantwich
*The Hidden Guppy
*Jasmine Waltz
*Rowing to the Island
*Brambling at Sunset

You will also receive mp3 demo recordings when you buy this download.

You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (1MB)
  • ZIP (21MB)

Mairi's Wedding - harmony parts sheet music - duet, trio or quartet


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