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The Daily Principles, by Mary Schiller: 300 Short Audios to Help You Transform Your Life with the Three Principles

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Do you want to change something in your life -- relationships, money, work, health, creativity, and so on -- but don't know where to begin?

Does life seem like a struggle much of the time, and you just wish it could be easier?

These are the kinds of things that a coach can help you with: to show you how to transform your life and guide you to a new place.

How would you like to have a coach with you at all times -- someone you can rely on, who is always there, who is ready to help you 24/7?

That's what you'll receive with The Daily Principles: 300 downloadable 5-minute audios by Mary Schiller (that's me!), author and coach. For less than the cost of 15 minutes of coaching, you'll receive 25 HOURS of audio coaching. Pretty cool, right?

-->Just 5 minutes a day can change your life forever.

What are The Daily Principles? Over the course of a year, I published a daily audio on a blog related to what's called the Three Principles, originally expressed by a man named Sydney Banks back in the 1980s. When I came across these Principles in 2014, I was amazed by their simplicity and their power to change lives -- fast.

Catching a glimpse of what these Principles were pointing to changed my own life in ways that are difficult to explain. Here are some personal examples:

  • 30 years of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms -- erased in 6 weeks (after years of seeing traditional therapists and doctors)
  • money problems and worry -- gone
  • brand new career -- created with ease
  • marriage -- mended faster than I ever thought possible
  • dream life -- appeared almost by magic, and I'm now living in my favorite place in the world (Paris, France)

When I saw these changes taking place so effortlessly, I decided to explore the Three Principles further and share my insights daily on a blog. Hundreds of people listened to these daily audios and gained great benefit from them. I heard from people every day who said that my words helped them through tough times and -- perhaps more importantly -- guided them to some major breakthroughs of their own.

Now, I have gathered 300 of these short audios -- between 4 and 7 minutes each, typically -- into The Daily Principles, by Mary Schiller: 300 Short Audios to Help You Transform Your Life with the Three Principles.

I recorded these audios while living in New York City and also while traveling, so occasionally I speak while walking in my neighborhood, enjoying Central Park or exploring a new place -- and I bring you right along with me.

Topics covered in these 300 audios include, among many others:

  • How an understanding of the Three Principles can have a major positive impact on your life
  • How to create success more easily
  • How to dissolve stress
  • How to improve your relationships
  • How to be happier
  • How to relax into who you really are and be your authentic self
  • How to stop worrying
  • How to get "unstuck"
  • And so much more

Remember, with The Daily Principles audio set, you'll have access to approximately 25 hours of audio coaching. Wow!

Download the short 5-minute audios and put them on any or all of your mobile devices, and you'll have a "coach in your pocket" to take with you anywhere, to listen to anytime you need some support and encouragement.

Note: The 300 Daily Principles audios are .mp3 files, downloaded in a .zip folder of approximately 1 GB in size. 

Some understanding of the Three Principles, as originally expressed by Sydney Banks, might be helpful but is not necessary. In fact, these audios may be a wonderful introduction to them.

Take advantage of having me, Mary Schiller, as your 24/7 coach.

And remember: just 5 minutes a day can change your life forever. 

(Note: There are no refunds on this product because it is instantly downloadable. Thank you for understanding.)

You will get a ZIP (1GB) file