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Newest 2021 Luna Toy Simulation Fish For Cats

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Newest 2021 Luna Toy Simulation Fish For Cats

Features Toy Simulation Fish For Cats

  1. Electric fish cat toy: when your cat touches the toy, the fish cat toy automatically moves and shakes and makes a sound, attracting your cat to play and kick, and you don't have to replace the battery.
  2. Realistic fish simulation: the appearance of artificial fish uses 3D printing technology, which looks very realistic, so that the kittens keep their paws and interact in real time, reducing boredom and loneliness when leaving.
  3. Improved design: our fish belly has been changed in a zipper style. It can be easily pulled by turning the switch to prevent the fish from bursting in the stir.
  4. High quality material: made of cotton and short plush, the texture is soft and will not hurt the cat's paw. Great for biting, chewing and kicking, and sleeping.
  5. Unique smell: most cats are excited and happy because of the smell of catnip. The catnip we deliver can relieve kittens' frustration and stress.


  • Size: about 30cm / 11.81in
  • Material: cotton + plush
  • Function Update: zipper + touch sensor
  • Charging: USB

Packing list:

Electric fish * 1

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