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Lullaby for a deep sleep - (A song of deep healing.)

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Written and performed by Barbara Lewis, LULLABY FOR A DEEP SLEEP is about healing from past hurts and how to let go of grief. (See lyrics below)
Barbara Lewis writes:
"I wrote this song to help my friends and family heal from two very difficult losses. Some years later, in 2018, I asked Doug Balfour to create a new instrumentation for the song. It is that new version that you will purchase today. I wish you renewed joy from any hurts or grief you may be experiencing." 
Read what listeners have said:
“I just saw the video on PBS and had to hear it again. Some music has the magic to redeem mankind and make the world feel at peace.” – 218Base

“First impressed by this on Classic Arts Showcase, enough to order it. Lewis has a gorgeous voice, disciplined to serve her musicality… ravishing to the ear …” – Ariane Csonka

“I happened to get to the video of “Lullaby” on Youtube, and I knew I had to get the CD. Awesome, beautiful, unique, breath-taking…. are a few words that come to mind. What a unique blend of songs, thoughts, music. The experience is wonderful.” – Terry

About the Recording:

Barbara Lewis – vocal
Doug Balfour – pianist, arranger
Kate Bevan Baker – fiddle, violin1 (leader of the Birds on a Wire quartet)
Kenny Wong – violin2
Scott Chancey – viola
Jane Chen – cello
Laura Deutsch – flute
Fraser Hollins – bass
All held together by the illustrious engineering of George Doxas.


Watch the Video of the Original Recording –  HERE
You lie here in my arms.
Your head upon my thigh.
I look upon your face, I stroke your brow.
Your lips begin to move.
The words pour out and float like ribbons in the wind,
They float away.

These words, your song.
A life that must be told.
A life that must let go.

I’ll hold you and caress you as you dream your dream.
Hold you and caress you in these silver hours. Hold you close and listen to your final words. Let them go.

If you have lies.
If you have secrets.
If you have promises unkept, let them go.
If you were unloved.
If you were abandoned.
If you had all the gifts this world can give, let them go.

Let them float upon the currents into shore.
Let your body give itself to evermore.
Let the perfume of this world take your limbs and make them weightless.
Let them go.

You lie here in my arms.
Your head upon my thigh.
I watch you as you float away from shore.
I let you go.

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