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A young couple who grew up in an Eastern European communist country decided to leave their homeland. They were not able to leave legally, so they crossed the Iron Curtain illegally. They spent some time in Italian refugee camps in very poor conditions. At last, they were able to immigrate to the United States where they had to face an even harder life in the beginning. They were fighting for their lives, moving through three states. After four years, they gave up and moved back to the still communist Hungary.

The Hungarian government betrayed them despite the general amnesty. They were not able to leave this country again legally; they escaped to Yugoslavia using a small boat at the border river. They traveled through the country to reach the Italian border. Joe was afraid to cross the border through the dense forest because Mary was pregnant. They tried to cross the border with their American documents, but it failed. They got an entry visa at the nearest Italian Consulate and fled to Italy again.

They travelled to Milan where they were able to get entry visas to Switzerland. Joe called his old-time a friend in Switzerland asking for his help. They arrived in Zurich where his friend helping them. They were afraid of a return to the United States, because of Mary’s condition. They spent some time in a refugee home where Chris, their son, was born. After another refugee camp close to Zurich, Joe found a job, and they moved into a nice apartment. A local Swiss family helped them and they became very good friends.

Later, Joe got sick. The burden that he was carrying on his shoulders for years caused problems, but with professional help, he was able to get out of trouble. He started a part-time job in a gift shop. Later Mary also got a job and little Chris went to daycare. After years, staying in Switzerland with any settlement status, Joe and Mary decided to move on.

Mary’s girlfriend helped them to get into Canada, but they had to show up $10,000, which was not easy to accumulate. When they got the money, they were able to fly to Canada. They settled down in Toronto. Joe was lucky because he got an engineering job soon and he was able to support his family.

Joe got sick again and could not walk for a while, but with excellent treatment and positive thinking, he was able to overcome his problem. He and his wife graduated as interior designers and started a new business. After some good years, the bad years came. Because of the recession, Joe and Mary lost their business. Joe overcame it again when he started a repair business beginning with churches.

At last, he was doing very well. He took a business trip to his native Hungary where he had so much fear and bad dreams of not being able to get out. Fortunately, nothing went wrong, and he completed his business trip. He finally arrived in Canada. His journey was ending, because he arrived home.

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