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MW2 Quality Pack

MW2 Quality pack, made to enhance MW2 quality.

Comes with:
- 2x Reshade .ini files (configs)
- 2x MW2 .cfg files (configs)
- 1x Inspector config

**REMEMBER:** masto dof likes to enable itself, just disable it if you don't like it. or use the ' key (UK Layout)
You may also wanna clear this, to do so right click and press backspace

You will need to run MW2 through Steam for Reshade, here's how:

I premade some stuff for matso to work with quint dof, you can use this if you want.
It looks somewhat decent with the pov from what I've used. Experiment with it.

For inspector, add your iw4m.exe or iw4x.exe to the list of .exes support (to Call of duty: Modern Warfare), and then import the configuration.
You will need anti-aliasing disabled to use Reshade.
You may also need to set reversed to 0 / 1 in Preprocessor options.

You will also need quint, for Reshade:
Tutorial is featured on the GitHub repository above

**Prefer anti-aliasing?**
Just don't use the Reshade for pov. I recommend it for cines still though, as dof + cines look much nicer...
Also recording at a higher resolution adds a semi fake AA, this looks very nice and makes it so you can still use ReShade.
Here's how you can do this: - Nvidia - AMD

**AO notice:**
I personally recommend adjusting ao, this can be done with:
r_znear [[value]]
My recommended values are 4, 5, and 8
So 4-8.

2560x1440 Screenshots:

**DOF Over points:**
Just record the points with greenscreen using CODMVM and cg_drawgun 0 and cg_draw2D 1 (with reshade disabled)
then add them over the clip with cg_draw2D 0 and cg_drawgun 1.

Any other questions?
**Discord:** nzh#9282

Promotional video:

P.s. thanks to Kira Edits for testing. Check him out here:

You will get a ZIP (6KB) file

£ 7.00

£ 7.00

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