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Basic Astrology 101

Basic Astrology 101 Guide

created by Nikki Brocco, founder of Magical Soul Bitches.

This Guide is an easily accessible resource to reference when beginning to explore astrology. Sometimes you just can't sift through pages upon pages of books! A perfect starter companion for when you're out there reading Astrological Forecasts or Horoscopes. 
This Basic Astrology Guide is descriptive yet clear & succinct. It's easy to print & perfect to keep around your desk OR easily downloaded onto your mobile devices for quick & lush understanding.
You'll walk away with keen knowledge of the Zodiac Wheel, Natal Charts, Sun, Moon & Rising signs, The  Expressions of the 12 Signs, The 12 Houses, Functions of the Planets/Asteroids/Points, The Elements, & The Qualities. 

Contents include:
  • The Zodiac Wheel w/ all 12 Signs & their Symbols & Dates
  • Descriptions of the 12 Houses
  • The Sun, Moon & Rising Signs explained & a blank Worksheet to record your Sun, Moon & Rising locations 
  • A Blank Chart so you can practice creating your unique Natal Chart & understanding your personal houses
  • Full pages which detail each of the 12 signs including their higher/lower expressions, rulerships by Planet, Element & Quality.
  • Symbols of all Planets & Signs
  • Descriptions of the Elements: Water, Fire, Air & Earth Signs
  • Descriptions of the Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable
  • Detailed List of All Planets & Common Asteroids/Points & their Functions
  • Aprox 29 page PDF

You will get a PDF (1MB) file

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