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Crossroads Magic - signed paperback

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When myths become real, danger stalks White Haven.

The Crossroads Circus has a reputation for bringing myths to life, but it also seems that where the circus goes, death follows. When the circus sets up on the castle grounds, Newton asks Avery and the witches to investigate.

This proves trickier than they expected when an unexpected encounter finds Avery bound to a power she can’t control.

Strange magic is making the myths a little too real.

As Avery grows weaker, and with time running out, Caspian is only too willing to help, and although Alex hates relying on him, he’ll do anything to save Avery.

Shadow has her own agenda. When a mysterious stranger comes to town with a proposition, will she betray them when they need her most?

The witches might stand a chance, if they can get the Raven King and Green Man on their side.

Without them they’ll lose everything - and Avery will lose her life.

If you love witches and magic, and lots of myth and mystery, you’ll love the sixth book in the White Haven Witches series.

Grab your copy of Crossroads Magic now!

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