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The Tao of Badass

By Davis Druva
I’ve spent years and years studying psychology, relationships,

and attraction, and have worked as a professional dating

coach, a social dynamics and charisma instructor, and a

body language expert. I trained with Wyatt Woodsmall,

neurolinguistic programming and motivational speaking

expert, and long-time mentor of Anthony Robbins, as well

as the first generation of Dale Carnegie instructors. I also

founded and hosted the first radio show that was completely

devoted to helping men succeed with women on Maxim

Radio, which appears all over North America on SIRIUS

XM Satellite Radio. I have worked alongside the Anthony

Robbins Company and advised the Board of Advertisers for

Axe Bodyspray. I have trained everyone from athletes, to

celebrities, to marketers, from students in their freshman

year in college to men in their 80s, and I can tell you that

everything you’re about to read in this book works. You will

never learn a more important skill set in your life.

This information will do everything for you. It will accelerate

your business when you learn to understand and influence

social dynamics. It will strengthen your friendships. It will

allow you to create a friendship with anyone you need to

be a friend. You will have control over all of your social

interactions, romantic or otherwise.

As a man who is interested in improving the quality of his

life by picking up this book, you

probably have a goal in mind, an

idea of what you want from your

new-found knowledge. Maybe

you just want to attract beautiful

women. Maybe you want to find

your future wife. Maybe you want

to date around and meet lots of women. Maybe you simply

want to learn how to relate to people more effectively.

Regardless of what your intentions are right now, I can tell

you that as soon as you learn the skills I’m about to teach

you in this book, you're going to see improvements in every

area of your life that involves social interaction.

Take a moment to think about why you do the things you do.

What is the motivation that drives every action you make?

Why, for example, do you want a good job?

Nine times out of ten, the answer to that question will be

“Because if I get a good job, I can make a lot of money.” But

what if you could make a lot of money being a panhandler on

the street? Do you think you would be just as satisfied doing

that as if you were in a very successful job that paid well and

lead to a long career? There are reports of panhandlers in

Canada that are making over $60,000.00 a year - $400.00 to

$800.00 a day. If you can make that much money panhandling,

why aren’t you doing it? Why isn’t everyone out on the street

asking other people for money?

The reason we’re not all takin’ to the streets Doobie Brothersstyle

is that you have no social value when you panhandle.

Having no social value can make it very difficult to have

personal value (aka confidence), and that, in turn, means

that you are not attractive. The whole point of making

money is that it will allow you to provide for a future family,

and that your value is increased when other people need and

depend on you.

That’s it. That’s the point. Don’t get confused as to why

you’re going to college, or went to college, or are working

this job. Everything you do, consciously and subconsciously,

is to achieve the end goal of attracting the woman of your

dreams and, in most cases, starting a family with her. And if ...

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