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Types of Computer Malware *Posters*

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Why me?! Is something you may think of when a nasty malware infects your computer. What could you have done to avoid it? There are things we can do to avoid having our systems infected and we can use that knowledge to inform our students, friends and family. Not all malware does the same thing and not all malware is obtained by downloading things you are not supposed to. *ahem*

What I've included in this download are posters of different types of malware such as:

Oh, you heard of some of these? Well, better tell your students, friends and family so they don't jeopardize the systems they use. Posters come in black and white and have a brief description of each malware, how it infects and what it may do. Includes sheet informing you on how to get malware (not that you want to do that). You will find a PDF version and a Powerpoint presentation for your convenience as well. These posters are AMAZING for computer labs so take them!

Have fun getting paranoid. :)

Total 17 pages.
You will get a ZIP (3MB) file