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Discovery of Oil at Spindletop

What made Houston the energy capital of the world? To know that we will go back in time and take a look at Spindletop.

This file contains:
Page 1-2: Read "Oil at Spindletop" and find out who were involved in the discovery. Answer questions regarding your reading.
Page 3: Spindletop bought about new technology that the oil industry implemented. Learn about the christmas trees and how they are used in the oil industry. What other uses can you think of?
Page 4: Find out who is the energy capital of the world with these facts!
Page 5: "Striking oil" short read. Find out about the Drake well and new vocabulary in the oil industry. After reading "Striking Oil" they will answer questions.
Page 6-8: Students will create a flap vocabulary and know what petroleum, prospector, boomtown and Spindletop mean by having read "Striking Oil."
Page 9: Leaving Home. Word on town is that Texas is booming with oil. Students will explain pros and cons of going to Texas to strike oil. Will indicate in what direction they would head to go to Texas by using a compass rose.

Have fun learning!

Total 13 pages.

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