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The Endocrine System Lapbook

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Ready to learn the endocrine system in a fun, interactive way?
Students will flip flaps and pull tabs in this interactive lapbook.
This project will require scissors, glue, colors, and a manilla folder.
Students will color code all the gland terms to the illustration to quickly refer to each.
The students will be able to cut and match each term, learn about hormonal dysfunction and know where each gland is located. With the reading passage included and vocabulary terms the students will follow along and know where each gland is located kinda like a scavenger hunt.

Detailed instructions included along with photographs.

Content includes:

-pituitary gland
-thyroid gland
-adrenal glands
-hormonal dysfunction
-comparisons between what gland men have that women do not
-comparison between what gland women have that men do not
-brain illustration
-female body illustration
-male body illustration
-Reading about the endocrine system
-Terms of endocrine system along with definitions

Have fun building!

Total 19 pages.
You will get a PDF (2MB) file