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Tachyon is a clocks sock worked from the toe up. Given that clocks socks are typically worked top down, I think of this sock as stitches traveling back through time. The clock hands wiggle around as they make their way up the foot, each one meeting its counterpart at the ankle and then continuing up the leg together.

This pattern debuts three sock-specific techniques I have recently developed. Each of the following links takes you to a free tutorial on my blog.

  • A method for picking up and working edge stitches that leaves a smooth seam (“My Edge”); note this technique is a critical component in both of the next two:
  • A banded toe (“Banditoe”), and
  • A toe-up flap & turn heel (“Jeny’s Square Peg Heel”).

If you, like me, can’t resist putting your own personal touch on the things you knit, Tachyon is well suited to a choose-your-own-adventure approach. You are the boss of your knitting!

This pattern is written for visual learners. I developed this pattern format especially for highly visual, quirky brains like mine. Because it’s my party!

  1. The charts look like the real thing. I used Stitch Maps for the charts; Stitch Maps generates charts that are not based on a grid, but rather give you a true sense of what your fabric will look like.
  2. The written instructions are easy to parse. Instructions are given in a tabular rather than paragraph format, so you can more easily spot how the stitches in each round translate to the charts, and to the end result.
  3. Each size has its own file. When I’m knitting a thing, I only need the instructions for my size. Having all the numbers, charts and instructions for all sizes all together creates so much cognitive noise for me that I can’t visualize what I’m making. So in this pattern, each size has a standalone file. (If you purchase any one size, it’s free to acquire the files for all the other sizes.)

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (2MB)
  • PDF (2MB)
  • PDF (2MB)
  • PDF (2MB)