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About Me

I have been knitting since 1994, but it wasn’t until 2008 that I really became a knitter. Cat Bordhi and her moebius books were a huge inspiration to me, and she and I eventually became friends. JSSBO put me on the map and paved my way to meeting her Visionaries, and I have grown and thrived as a member of this community.

Fundamentally, I approach knitting like an engineer: I want to understand what makes something work. I zoom in and examine the detail; I question traditional ways of doing things. Once I find a solution to a design problem I don’t stop there, because the list of possible solutions is endless, and I enjoy discovering as many as I can. Especially when it comes to knitting, the most important questions to me are, what is the most fun for me? And then, how do I turn that into a fun experience for other knitters?

For the past five years my primary job has been working with dogs, but before that I worked as a usability researcher at Microsoft and other tech companies. My research background is in educational psychology. I have always been passionate about creating great functional art & design, and delivering great user experiences. I am relentlessly curious about other peoples perspectives, and our different ways of seeing and learning.

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