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Soliton Wave

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I like to mess around with shapes just to see what happens, and every now and then I stumble into something really cool. While playing with a series of repeating curves, I discovered that if I get the positioning just so, the curves take on a three-dimensional effect. Soliton Wave is the first of several designs I have created that explores this theme. (The most recent exploration is Countercurrent.) This particular design reminds me of an episode of Star Trek TNG that features a (fictional) soliton wave.

The mathematical principles underlying this visual effect are fascinating, beautiful, and completely invisible. One doesn’t have to be a math geek to enjoy this pattern; just settle into the meditative rhythm and follow the flow.

Working with Anzula yarn is an experience in luxury. Jul Designs’ shawl pins by Laura Bellows add a creative and elegant touch to the styling.

Free stuff:

Listen to my interview with Brenda Dayne about the pattern and the format.

Read my blog post, “Shredding the Envelope,” about how and why this design warranted a completely new instructional format.

Check out Rosetta Stone, a teaching tool for the new format.

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