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I like to mess around with shapes just to see what happens, and every now and then I stumble into something really cool. While playing with a series of repeating curves, I discovered that if I get the positioning just so, the curves take on a three-dimensional effect. Countercurrent is the second design I have created that explores this theme. (The first one is Soliton Wave.) This particular exploration evokes the feeling of two currents joining together.

The mathematical principles underlying this visual effect are fascinating, beautiful, and completely invisible. One doesn’t have to be a math geek to enjoy this pattern; just settle into the meditative rhythm and follow the flow.

I made the pictured garments with Yarn Nouveau Yak DK. I was initially drawn to Alesha Goble's yarn because of her beautiful, classic color palette. Then got immediately hooked on her yak bases. Her yarns are a joy to work with!

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