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A Brief History of Time #2 Eureka!

This new ebook is an INTP's sequel to the original Brief History of Time of 1988. How much more science do we know since then!  Thanks to the internet we can now discover the staggering research of universities around the globe.  Mount St Helens showed us how canyons are made. Ebola taught us to beware of new diseases. 9/11 revealed the deep divide among religions - why do religions cause so much trouble!  Wealthy people can fly into outer space to see how gorgeous Earth is and how sadly barren are the planets.

Every day new evidence is emerging about the truth about EVOLUTION versus CREATION but it seems an INTP's unique viewpoint was needed to make sense of so many new discoveries and facts!.   Yet even today literally billions of people around the world are confused about the claims from each side of the argument when all it neds is a little lateral thinking to see how Creation could work with what we see of Earth and the Universe!   This book is intended to help you grasp the issues and establish the truth - to set you free from the old beliefs!

Fossilised dinosaurs in dry rock and frozen mammoths in icy muck all tell the story of Earth - why do Christians keep on promoting GOD, JESUS and CREATION when Darwin's work quite clearly told the truth - or does it!

If you are an INTP you know that so many sacred cows need destroying to let the truth emerge!

Using extracts from the latest research papers, exploration videos and research into animal behaviour and extinctions this book lays out a convncing case and confirms Darwin's research that proves the real age of the Earth!

It is written in plain language to help everyone understand the vital differences between EVOLUTION and CREATION - and how to deal with Fundamental Christians!

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