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Aggression, anger, violence, agitation, threat…. Similar… but different. Using the right language to guide your intervention

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Anger, aggression, violence, agitation, threat….  Similar… but different.

Staff who work with others in no matter which setting will inevitable be exposed to anger, aggression, violence, agitation, threat at some point in their careers. People who work in health, disability or aged care, forensics, mental health, justice and corrections will experience greater exposure than will those in most other job roles.
Understand how these behaviours differ can provide clues about how best and most appropriately respond. 
This e-article provides definition of these feeling and behaviour states and proffers recommendations for best responses.
Understanding the language helps in more accurate reporting and recording.
Nurses, Police Officers, Emergency personnel, Librarians, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists,Doctors and other health professionals will value the the clarity that this article offers.
You will get a PDF (427KB) file
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