Andrew (Andy) Kelly & Susan Johnson

Andy is a very experienced Mental Health Nurse and trainer. Susan is a highly experienced trainer and counsellor. Together they bring a breadth and depth of training and experience to this growing selection of health and wellness-related eBooks, eArticles, teaching and support resources.
Andy is a professional mental health clinician and educator of 40+ years having worked and led in most clinical mental health and in numerous tertiary education settings.
Andy is passionate about health-related matters with a longstanding interest and expertise in mental health. Susan is a professional specialist educator, trainer and counsellor. She is recognised for her expertise in counselling and training.
EVERYTHING offered here by Susan and Andy is done so with the intention of it providing support and help directly or indirectly to the health & wellness of others. Whilst some is aimed at helping the individual, some is aimed at helping those whose job it is to help others. We sincerely hope that our products are helpful and enabling.   Andy Kelly & Susan Johnson