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Casey LLWC Crutching to the Park After Missing the Bus with Foot Play (HD 1920X1080)

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(English) Sexy Casey awkwardly crutches with her friend to the bus stop where they wait for public transport while Casey rests her long pretty toes sticking out of her cast. It quickly becomes clear the bus isn't coming so a frustrated Casey starts crutching again to her destination. However, she quickly tires dragging her full cast on her long leg and must sit down while her friend gives her exposed bare foot sticking out of stiff casted foot a soothing massage because she can't reach it. They continue to crutch to the park where Casey vogues at the base of a monument but then has trouble navigating the stairs to get down while her friend holds her crutches. Her friend keeps one of her crutches while Casey uses only one to continue crutching out of the park and across the street but finally gives it back so Casey can continue on.

TIME: 18 Mins

SIZE: 1300 Mb


RESOLUTION: 1920x1080

DATE: 07/15/23

You will get a MP4 (1GB) file

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