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A pregnant woman, her partner in the Royal Navy and World War 1 approaching. A dubious mixture for a happy future.

Phil Field loses his job on a fishing boat, and he is desperate for a new beginning to his personal and employment life, but jobs are hard to find in turn-of-the-century Devon.

Phil joins the Royal Navy and takes his father’s Ditty Box with him. On his last night ashore he celebrates his new career, but has far too much to drink. He passes out at the side of the road and lies unconscious on the freezing cold cobbles.

Enid Kelly rescues him and takes him to her nearby lodgings. Their friendship develops and on Phil’s weekend leaves they enjoy day trips to local beauty spots in the Plymouth area. He introduces her to his family, but although Enid is smitten by love, Phil is blind to any romantic feelings.

Enid discovers she’s pregnant, but feels she must tell Phil in person. She doesn’t knows what his reaction will be to the news. To add to Enid’s worries, war is looming and she knows her beloved will fight for their country on one of the Royal Navy ships and feels things are combining to threaten their future together.

Ditty Box is a story set prior to, and during World War I.

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