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Closing The Bones & Rebozo Massage

A Deeply Nurturing and Nourishing Postpartum Ceremony

This workshop is for...

Doulas, Birthworkers, Healers, Midwifes of The Soul.... Anybody who would like to provide a space for women, especially postpartum mothers, to reconnect with their body, mind and spirit after experiencing the process of childbirth, or trauma, or any life experience which has left them feeling empty, broken or exhausted.

Returning Back To Wholeness, Back To Herself, Back To Her Heart

The rhythmic Hip Sifting, Abdominal Massage and Rebozo Wrapping creates a feeling of calm and security. Often as women we are constantly giving to others, especially after giving birth. Our bodies can feel open and depleted. Our energy is dispersed and no longer centred or balanced. In addition to calling the uterus, bladder and bones of the pelvis to return to where they belong, this ceremony helps to call everything back home. A refilling of her empty cup with self love, energy and vitality. An invitation for her spirit to be fully embodied once again.

This Course includes a 4 Hour In Person or on Zoom Workshop

Closing The Bones & Rebozo Massage


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