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The Friessens Books 6 - 8

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THE FRIESSENS: BOOKS 6 – 8 includes First Love, Family First & Leave the Light On.  

Everyone said they were too young to love.
Katy and Steven have planned out their happily ever after: marriage, family, and a place of their own. A simple life in a small town with big dreams, just like Katy’s parents, Brad and Emily.

However, life’s hardships soon threaten the future Steven and Katy have planned together.

They never expected their happily ever after could go so wrong.

Katy and Steven never imagined that their simple dreams would come crashing around them, but six months in and this newlywed couple’s carefully crafted future is crumbling. Instead of being by Steven’s side, Katy finds herself with a distance between them, secrets of her own, and a divided family that could end up with Steven walking away.

When the unthinkable happens a family’s life is changed forever.

Katy and Steven have settled in their new home, with a new job, a new life, and a baby on the way. Everything for this young couple is perfect—that is, until the night Steven makes a quick trip to the grocery store for his pregnant wife. As the sun rises and Katy wakes, she soon discovers that Steven never made it home.
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