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Moldova Guide Book

Growing in Moldova back in the Soviet times, very few locals travelled or understood the concept of travelling, nor did we see foreigners coming to visit our country. After visiting more than 50 countries, I got very frustrated when I realised that my own country does not have a guidebook. I especially realised it was important to publish this book as I have seen loads of people struggling to plan their journey to this country as it was never seen as a tourist destination. My goal is to provide you with the most authentic places that you can visit during your stay in Moldova, but also the country’s history, its people, the customs and the Moldovan society as a whole. Moldova is a small country in Southeastern Europe, bordered by Romania in the west and Ukraine in the north, east, and south. It is landlocked, even though it is very close to the Black Sea. Moldova had, in fact, access to the Black Sea, but that was eventually annexed to Ukraine, as Russia was trying to gain more and more influence on European soil. 

Gifted with a largely unspoilt hinterland and the traditional culture and village life still going on, Moldova feels like a fragment of old Europe. Crowded with monuments, churches, parks, and museums, there is always something new to discover and enjoy in such a small area. You will especially like Moldova if you love outdoor activities and sites of natural beauty as most of the things here remain unchanged. The most obvious selling point of Moldova is probably that it's almost the least known spot in Europe. With only a few thousand visiting the country every year – even neighbouring Romania and Ukraine see far higher foreign footfall – it's mainly favoured by intrepid backpacking completists. But there's much more to the country than this. Cross the Nistru river and you'll find yourself in the beguiling separatist Russian-speaking province of Transnistria - all Soviet architecture and Lenin busts. Go south and you will discover the Gagauz community with their own language and customs. Head to the countryside, and you will meet Moldovans that have been here since the beginning of time, yet their culture has thrived under so many invasions and wars.  

Then there's the wine. Rich with history and fertile soils that produce abundant vineyards, this is one of the many things Moldova can be proud of. The upshot? You can try one of Europe's best, most unique wines in a hidden land that will surely have more than its fair of tourists in years to come. Even Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom has an exclusive contract with a Moldovan winemaker. If you are looking to plant the flag in a land few others have visited, I am confident that a journey to Moldova will only bring positive memories.

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