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A - Z for Excellence - to have a fulfilling and joyful life

The A – Z for Excellence

Do you sometimes feel that you are playing small? Do you over think things and get stressed or anxious? You know you have so much more potential yet do you hold back and cannot get over a sense of insecurity? I used to feel this way and spent years trying to overcome my inadequate feelings. At last, I have discovered my own excellence and want to share with you my learnings so you too can re-discover your Excellence (which, in fact, is your blueprint).

In this A – Z for Excellence ebook, you will discover 26 bite sized learnings based on an understanding of how we operate and experience life.

For example here is E is for Excellence:

This A – Z is about Excellence, but what does excellence mean? The Oxford Dictionary definition says “The quality of being outstanding or extremely good”. 

We are surrounded by excellence – it is all around us and within ourselves. Each and every one of us is excellent in different ways.

There is so much media these day of being the best – successful – rich. This is NOT what I am talking about. We can be excellent at listening, making a cup of tea, finding that extra in our ordinary and appreciating our whole selves – warts and all. We are all extra-ordinary beings.

What stops us being our most excellent selves? Often it is that we get caught up in busy, destructive thinking. Overactive minds can affect our sleep, concentration, ability to find solutions. This way of thinking becomes addictive, always thinking – just like always wanting to smoke or drink. This behaviour stops our excellent selves developing and growing.

Beyond our busy overactive thoughts we all have our natural place of innate well being and wisdom, our default. It is always there, before thought. When we realise that this place of peace and calmness is our blue print-– then magic happens. Our excellence just starts to flow. We have more insights, we feel more at peace, we cope with anything that comes our way with ease and grace, not needing to take things so personally and we discover our excellence naturally. This opens up a completely new world - exciting eh!

May I suggest you read each one then have some time of reflection, allowing insights to transend. The impact of these are that you too will discover your extra-ordinariness and shine beyond your brightest expectations.


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