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Credit Is Queen- The Guide to Better Credit

Are you looking to improve your credit score?

Have you applied for a personal, auto, or home loan and been denied due to bad credit? Millions of Americans suffer from inaccurate and erroneous items showing up on their credit reports. This DIY course allows you to challenge the accuracy of derogatory items reporting on your credit report.

A little bit about me. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, I moved to Denver, CO for a job opportunity. I was quickly introduced to why credit is a necessity. After being rejected from 5 different apartment complexes I was able to put down a hefty security deposit to land a subpar apartment. This lit a fire under me to find out what my credit score was and why it was so difficult to obtain housing. After exhaustive research and course after course I was able to use the process outlined in this Kit to improve my credit score 100+ points and more importantly MAINTAIN a great credit score from then until now. 

This course is intended to help empower you to take control of your credit. This course is in no way a 100% guarantee that you will remove all derogatory items from your report. This course is designed to educate and equip you with the resources to exercise consumer protection laws available to us all.

These are the exact letters and techniques I used to dispute derogatory information from my credit report as well as the reports of family and friends.

My intentions with this DIY kit is to help you legally remove inaccurate, unverifiable, or erroneous items from your credit report. These are the exact letters I used to increase my credit score over 100 points.

 This kit will help remove:

-          Collection accounts
-          Charge-off accounts
-          Late payments
-          Repossessions

Here’s the letters included:

-          Personal info update
-          4 Rounds of Dispute letters 
-          Pay For Deletion
-          Credit Card Late Payment
-          Closed Account “Please Remove”
-          Student Loan Legal Discharge (private student loans) 
-          Consumer Protection Laws and Rights

Once you have access to these resources I will not be able to restrict access at a future date, therefore there is a no refund policy.

You will get a ZIP (272MB) file

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