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My Highland Fling

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Royal good girl has a fling with a leopard shifter…

Read all about it! Our secret source confirms she spotted Princess Gabrielle leaving a boutique hotel early in the morning after spending the night with a mystery man.

Princess Gabrielle has always done the right thing, worn the proper clothes, and behaved like a perfect lady. Her reward: an unwanted engagement to a playboy prince she has never met and won’t see until the wedding. This good girl can’t take this “royal organization” anymore—not a minute longer.

Feline shifter Ramsay is attending a gathering of shifters at Castle Glenkirk. During an outing to the pub, the crowd parts to reveal a beautiful curvy woman. It’s love at first sight. His fated mate is a human.

Drinks and conversation lead to privacy and sweet loving. It’s magical. Ramsay is ready to woo his mate, but Gabrielle does a runner, and Ramsay is abandoned like Prince Charming with not even a shoe to help him find his Cinderella.

A leopard shapeshifter and a royal princess hiding her identity face insurmountable problems, betrayal, and danger before their forbidden one-night fling turns into small town happy-ever-after. 

Tropes: Fated Mates, Opposites Attract, Curvy Heroine, Shifter, Royal.
Content Warning: Toxic relationship with parents, sexual violence (off-page), explicit sex.
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My Elusive Mate


My Highland Mate