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My Elusive Mate

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Marcus Kerr is a small-town werewolf without a mate. He’s not against the idea of a woman in his life, but now that he’s older, he’s come to accept there mightn’t be a mate for him.

Until today.

Now Marcus is confused. He can scent his fated mate, but finding her is another problem.

Ria Hunter is a feline shifter hiding in plain sight. She’s an innocent but not so naive that she doesn’t understand that danger could swallow her whole if she ever relaxes her guard. A winter storm throws Ria in Marcus’s path, but the journey to happy-ever-after is not smooth sailing for this age-gap pair of lovers. It will take a little seduction and honesty before Ria says yes to the wolf.

Originally published as part of the Winter Wonders Anthology.   

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My Highland Fling


My Highland Mate