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The Picking Solution

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The Picking Solution is a detailed guide to developing a solid picking technique and is designed for high beginner to intermediate guitarists, though it could also be used by more advanced players as a tool to ‘clean up’ a messy picking technique, fill in the gaps, or provide the basis for a good all-round picking technique.

This all-in-one course, featuring both images and video (requires internet connection), covers alternate picking, economy picking, and a versatile arpeggio style picking technique that will help you move across the fretboard with ease. The idea here is to practice these techniques to the point where your brain naturally chooses the quickest, most efficient way (in other words, the path of least resistance) to play what you want to play.

This is not a book of picking exercises; it’s a comprehensive set of techniques and concepts that are easy to apply and will filter into your playing with regular practice. Your ‘picking exercises’ will be your own playing because you’ll start to find things much easier to play, find more efficient ways to play them, as well as improving your control, stamina, and speed (though the goal here is not to rack up sheer speed—picking speed is a by-product of a solid and efficient picking technique). So, the idea here is to apply the concept to your playing rather than mechanically repeating a bunch of picking exercises to a metronome.

The sum of the three picking techniques covered in this book (alternate, economy, and ‘arpeggio’ picking) will give you a solid, all-round picking technique if you’re willing to put the time in and practice these concepts.
You will get a PDF (610KB) file