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Jacinda LLWC Petite Gal, *HUGE* cast, gimping with Cane -- Deep Massage and Cast Talk (HD 1280x720)

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Poor Jacinda looks *extremely unhappy* in her Daisy Dukes lugging around huge bent llwc in her one good heel. She is a petite girl and its extremely heavy for her. Worse yet she has to wear a heel because she is so small. Her heeled LLWC doesn't match so her gimp is extremely noticeable as she struggles on a cane. Her shortness got her into this mess in the first place. She couldn't reach something on a high shelf in her closet and decided to jump for it on a high stool, falling off and landing on her leg which she broke. She's got lots to complain about as she waves her casted leg around and deeply massages her one good leg and foot. A very sexy "must see" clip with some nice closeups.

TIME: 10 Mins
SIZE: 444 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1280x720
UPDATE: 10/18/21

You will get a AVI (444MB) file

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