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The Lost Letters: The Dark World of Narcissistic Abuse

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It's time to deny their reality, and regain yours.

Winner Highly Commended Non-Fiction - Page Turner Book Award 2021

If you have experienced being in a relationship with a narcissist, gone through their discard, or are currently in one and just trying to cope, know you are not alone.

Only those who have endured the same can understand the anguish of being trapped in a narcissistic relationship. Nothing is more dangerous to your identity, worth, and sense of value than being decimated by someone you were groomed to love and trust—someone you bared your soul to—who seeks only to use your kindness and empathy to feed off you, devalue you, judge you, control and ridicule you until you are nothing but a shell.

Then, once you have nothing left for them to take, you are discarded like a broken toaster. But this is only the beginning of the next act of devastation: when they claim the horror of what they have done to you as their narrative in a smear campaign to turn everyone against you.

You are not alone. There are thousands suffering, or have suffered at the hands of a narcissist. I am one of them. I have written this book to help you escape, heal, and begin again, stronger, better, and more powerful than ever before, no matter what your narcissist has led you to believe.

If you want to learn more about narcissists, how they target their victims, how to spot one trying to trap you, and how to escape if you've been trapped, you are in the right place.

Heal, live, love again. This time without the lies.

“A harrowing yet inspiring story of resolve and resiliency.” — Joe Frango, Copy Director, Conair Corporation

“A raw, vulnerable read.” — Insurgent Publishing

“I wish this book was out 10 years ago.” — Mark Cottrell

“Compelling, a bible for women.” — Alison Wright
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