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Does Someone Want to Proof-read this for me...?!?! ' Cos I'm writing a book.

HERE IS A PREVIEW of my First REAL e-article- Pondering real and dream life... ;);) Pondering the healing qualities of SOUND.

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PROPOSAL: What if sound resonating at 528Hz is all that is needed to “rip up” the radioactive soil & wash the negativity clean?

AUG 3 2017

Aka “Patoirlove” or character/ persona: Siphan

WHAT IF frequencies like 528HZ & 432Hz could clear out the radioactivity in & around Ridgewood Queens?? What if prayer and positive vibes could alter the vibration of a place enough to clear out any damage that has already been done?

What if it doesn’t matter if Trump cuts the funds of the EPA.. even if I don’t agree with it & I am all for helping the environment. Just maybe it doesn’t matter because we can help the environment without him. We can better the world with those who actually want to make a difference. We make the calls.

Let’s start with one specific location at a time perhaps.. Let’s start with “the RAKit Club” which is in one of the warehouses noted on the site to be affected by radioactivity. This same “radioactive” place has been my welcoming “home” for most of this year, 2017. It is an artist safe- haven that deserves to be “safe”; & what I like to call my “dream land”- heaven on earth. The last thing I want to see is this place torn to the ground so they can get rid of the radioactivity but let’s focus on what we DO WANT instead of what we don’t, right? I see a place that can make an impact on  the world for the better ,in so many ways. RAKit Club is magical & if we could focus on that; it would go a long way. It is definitely a spiritual place & could be healed by sound waves & prayer if we believe in it. “Miracles” happen everyday.

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