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Every Girls Guide To Becoming

Every girl’s guide to becoming is a book written for the sole purpose of educating the upcoming female generation of the key principles they need to know to become successful and celebrated women.

Lots of things have changed over the centuries, and unfortunately, lots of parents are not keeping up with these changes to be able to advise their children accordingly. What was obtainable in the 90s is no longer in vogue in the 20s. Everything is changing and rapidly too.

The future is for women, but how are the young girls going to take up the mantle of leadership when there is no one to coach them on the right things to do?

We know that everyone is busy trying to make ends meets and provide for the family, which is why I have decided to dedicate time to write this book, which covers everything, a young girl or woman, needs to know to grow into an all-round successful woman naturally.

In this book, I have taken out time to explain menstruation, which is something that changes a girl to a woman. Menstruation entails a whole lot, and most girls might not even have their mothers around when it starts, but at least they’ll have this book.

Some topics will help young women build a unique character that will attract people to them like a magnetic force — these topics borders around self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, humility, criticism, feedback, etc.

Enough of the depressive and suicidal thoughts, we need to build these young girls' confidence if they are going to stand what is coming for them in the future.

Talking about the future, some topics encourage them to plan for the future while tapping into the technology of today. The world is progressing digitally at a rapid state, and women should be fully involved.

We also touched on sensitive subjects which every young girl and woman should know. The subjects are issues such as falling in love, sexual abuse, rape, recovering techniques, STDs, etc. Every girl needs to know issues like this, even if it’s to help other girls that may need their advice.

Lastly, there are topics on women empowerment. They have to know that they need to have each other’s back at all times. And then the tools available to help them get more women empowered.

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