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The Robespierre Uprising

60 Million Americans are in the labor camps.

It’s been ten years.

But the initial boom is long over.

The country has been in a recession for years and only phony government statistics tell us that everything is fine.

But everybody knows.

The Income Paradox has arrived.

Over half of America lives in poverty.

In the American future, much has changed --

There is a northern wall and a southern wall on our borders

Getting into America is hard - getting out is impossible.

Abortion is illegal again.

Being LGBTQ is illegal again.

Religious attendance is necessary to avoid the camps.

Atheists face a death sentence.

All pregnancy tests are registered wirelessly and results transmitted to your church.

They manage the pregnancy.

English is the official language.

Speaking anything else is a crime.

Our military is now available for hire by other countries.

In short, it's the sort of America some people dream of.

Strong and Wrong.

Bobby only survived because of his one act of bravery.

He wasn’t really brave, he was desperate.

Can he escape the labor camp?

Sydney Delos is Vice President and keeps it all running.

Still, he knows it's not working the way it should.

And he's scared.

The person he loves more than anyone is at risk from the very rules he administers.

There is also the Hinton Confession.

Chris Hinton ran the CIA for twenty three years.

On his death bed, he confessed to the Reno bombing, San Diego and Boston, too.

He confessed to every act of terrorism he performed on behalf of the Democratic Party in order to swing elections their way.

What, you thought our elections were fair?

But a life-long Republican, he didn't mention any done for his side and there were many.

Sydney Delos must decide whether to use the Hinton confession to transform the electoral map forever.

Enrique Saba is a member of The Inbreds, a card and chip copying gang that live outside of the law.

They steal your data then they steal your money.

This small-time thief dreams of getting his family safely to Spain.

Can he survive his encounter with power?

Americans are tired.
Americans are poor.
We are our own huddled masses.

We are very angry.

Just one spark is needed.

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