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If you are anything like me, I'm constantly on the search for gifts for loved ones, but I often forget myself. 
Well, this year, you don't have to feel forgotten.
Yep, Tina to the rescue (did you hear the theme music in your head?)
I'm offering a limited-time Order of the Dragon Bundle set, which includes Zero Hour, Once Bitten, and Twice as High.
This set includes the (signed) first edition of Once Bitten, set in Scotland, which you cannot get anywhere else. It has been removed from publication. 

The set with these gorgeous covers will also come in a holiday stocking with some surprise goodies, a great gift (and surprise) for you or someone you love who enjoys urban fantasy!
Get this bundle now and be assured you're giving someone something they'll love!

Place your order and receive these signed books in this holiday book bundle in a holiday stocking that includes wonderful extras to make your holiday even more special.

This limited edition bundle is only available for a limited time! Order yours today! So act fast before these exclusive items are gone forever!

Happy Holidays!

About the Books

Zero Hour (prequel story)

Grief can make us do crazy things...

...Like magic at 40.

It was just research, my obsession with magic, my occult collection, the grimoire I sometimes feared opening.

Until my dad died and I wanted him back. 

Now I can't help but wonder, what if I used the grimoire for more than stories? What if I cast a spell? What if I raised my father from the dead?

Because I wasn't ready to let him go. I wasn't ready to say goodbye.

But all magic comes with a cost, and I'd just written a check I couldn't cash. Especially when a collector with fangs shows up at my door and opens up the whole supernatural world with one knock.

If I don't answer, this will all be in vain. But if I do, what awaits me on the other side might be a fate worse than's and mine.

Once Bitten (Book 1)

He saved my life, only to steal it away with his dragon's blood.  

Midlife was supposed to be steady, where I'd find everything I needed and finally get it together. 

Nope. Hollywood lied. Because here I was, again, trying to get my legs under me. 


I'd lost my job, fallen into the Atlantic, and woken up changed forever. Forever as in eternity forever because the blood my rescuer gave me to save my life had one itty bitty unforeseen consequence. 

It made me a draugr, a vampire. 

I know, fang my life. 

Now I'd need a miracle just to get through the day. And that miracle is Alistair, the handsome dragon shifter who saved my life and really shouldn't exist. But he is very much a real man--and a real temptation. 

And he's offering me a fresh start that comes with a secret organization of supernaturals who live in the shadows.

Looks like I'm getting a chance to start over.

I just had to die to finally start living.
Twice as High (Book2)

Every move I make is a domino that could topple my undead life.

I'd like nothing better than to fall in love, real love, but Alistair's dragon's blood came with a side of "fated mate," and I'm left wondering if the pull between us is even real. If he can really love me like I need, like I want, like we both deserve. 

Trouble is, we don't have time for happily ever after right now anyway. 

I've been dropped in the middle of a supernatural tidal wave. 

Then Alistair goes missing and I have Poseidon threatening to flood New York City if I don't return his stolen Trident to him. Not to mention a mighty, rogue dragon from the beyond has decided today's the day to start the apocalypse.

It's all on my shoulders. And no matter what I do, which way I go, what I choose, not everyone is going to be happy. In fact, some may try to kill me. 

To survive this and get Alistair back safe, I'll need to tap into my new intuition, make a few friends, and avoid the landmines of one catch-22 after another as the fate of the world comes down to me.

Yeah, no pressure. 

It's kill or be killed out there. And if I screw it up, this time even the undead won't rise.

Bite Me: A Vampire Night


Twice as High Ebook


A Vampire Gives No Quarter: Ebook


Zero Hour: Prequel Ebook


Once Bitten Ebook

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