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“I was pulled into this story so fast, and so deeply, that I forgot I was reading. I forgot everything around me and sank into the world that Tina Glasneck has created.”

“Holy cow, I cannot wait to read the rest of her books.”

"As always the author wrote this story with her audience in mind."

"Tina Glasneck has a great style and ability to create characters."

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Limited Time - Book Club Box - A Dragon's Desire

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The Decadence Series: Wolf's Den Duology Bundle


Holiday Winter Collection


Yule Fear Game + Story Bundle


A Dragon's Witch (Print)

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A Dragon's Heart (Print)


A Dragon's Desire (Print)`

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Hellbound (Print Edition)


The Hell Chronicles Holiday Print Bundle- Books 1-3


Four Times the Fight Print Edition


Three Little Words Print Edition


Twice as High (Print Edition)


Limited Edition: Charming Like A Wolf


Tyrell the Adventurer Series (5 eBooks)


17-story Bundle - Order of the Dragon World


About Tina Glasneck

In the realm of artistic brilliance, Tina Glasneck emerges as a modern-day Renaissance woman—an esteemed USA Today bestselling author, game writer, and captivating singer-songwriter. With over 40 titles to her name, Glasneck's enchanting tales filled with magic and myth transport readers to extraordinary realms. 

Her books are filled with fantastical tales of Norse gods, magical creatures, and the supernatural. Each book is a "fantastic story filled with history, mystery, wonder and time travel," are "dense with character, detail, action, emotion, intrigue," and are "one journey you don't want to miss!"

As part of the visionary Writers on the Moon project, alongside 125 esteemed authors, she will send her catalog of books to the Moon in a lunar time capsule, as part of Astrobotic Technology’s Peregrine Mission One.

"I am thrilled to be a part of this historic mission," says Glasneck. "To have my work launched to the Moon is a dream come true, beyond my wildest imagination, and I can't wait for readers to discover my stories in this unique way."

Her words, melodies, and cosmic aspirations intertwine, propelling Tina Glasneck's legacy to celestial heights, leaving an indelible mark on the arts and captivating hearts both on Earth and beyond.

Learn more about Tina Glasneck and her books at her website:

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