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Hellbound (Print Edition)

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Are you ready for the fourth book in the series, Hellbound, an action-packed Norse mythology retelling with strong female leads and an intriguing plot?

Both Thor and Loki want me to kneel. Two of the most powerful beings in the cosmos want me. But who can I trust?

Sif is reeling from the latest battle. It's been five years since the dark elves invaded, and although the gods have rewound time, they've left humanity to its own survival.

But Sif takes her badass Valkyrie training and helps. She's sneaking out of Asgard with the help of Heimdall to clean up the mess that the gods won't touch, disarming and slaying dark elves to protect humanity.

Product Description/Specs:

Format: Paperback

Size: 5.25x8

Pages: 216

Yet, Sif's trips have repercussions that Lady Hel uses to her advantage.

In this fight of betrayal and redemption, broken promises, bad magic, and enmity are all the ingredients needed to spark another battle and unveil hidden secrets.

How can you trust those who betray you?