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Hellbound: Book 4 (The Hell Chronicles) Ebook

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Everything is a chess match, and Lady Hel is in it to win it!

It's been five years since the invasion. When the gods rewound time on Midgard to fix the latest shenanigans of Lady Hel and Loki, they made a mistake. In their haste, they left pockets of magic behind, and the Dark Elves have not retreated but hunkered down.

They've continued to cull humanity.

Sif isn't going to let that happen. 

Sif is sneaking out of Asgard with the help of Heimdall to clean up the mess that the gods won't touch. By day she trains with the Valkyrie and by night, she's slaying those Dark Elves who remain. 

Everything has consequences. When Njord goes missing, she is tasked to go in search of him--with Thor. But this jaunt in Midgard has its repercussions.

And Lady Hel will use this to her advantage.

Lady Hel is back in Helheim, and this time, she is after her beloved, as it is only through the crown that she can resurrect him, the Alder King. The only problem is, she will have to send one of her magic-using Wielders--a modern-day mage--to locate the magical stones strewn throughout the realms to bring the once Mad King back to life.

In this fight of betrayal and redemption, broken promises, bad magic, and enmity are all the ingredients needed to spark another battle and unveil hidden secrets. 

How can you trust those who betray you?

Enter the world of The Hell Chronicles today.

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