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A Dragon's Destiny: Ebook

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Can time stop true love?

Dragons, curses, romance, and time travel meet in this new fantasy series by USA Today bestselling author Tina Glasneck, which readers are calling "the ultimate page turner."Includes an excerpt from book 2, A Dragon's Desire.

Fencing. Archery. Kick boxing. Krav Maga. Jasmine relentlessly strives to master the skills that help her survive the mean streets as a police detective. Her only indulgence is her hoard of romance novels, since she doesn't date. She gave that up when she realized her love interests invariably wind up mostly or all the way dead.

But at night, her dreams show her a timeless love with a mysterious Dark Knight, a man who couldn't be any further beyond her reach. Until a hopeless wish at a wishing well abruptly thrusts her backward in time to one of the most dangerous periods in history--the Reformation. Where just her very existence could get her killed.

There she encounters Erich, the knight of her dreams. A man with a broken past and hopeless grey eyes, whose sword swings at the pleasure of his king. A chained, royal attack dog unleashed to find and capture his brother's prophesied dragon-blooded bride. Erich stirs something wild and feral in Jaz's blood--something borne of more than just desire.

One touch changes her in a fury of dragon fire and gods-fueled magic. Altering not only her own destiny, but that of the knight for whom she will sacrifice everything--the dragon heart that beats only for him, and her only chance to find her way back home.

Read this epic, steamy romance where two lovers must fight their way to each other!

A Dragon's Destiny is a fantasy time travel romance for fans of Norse mythology, paranormal romance, and time-travel.

Grab your copy of A Dragon's Destiny today!

This is the first book in this fiery, time-traveling adventure series. Books in the series include:

  • A Dragon's Destiny
  • A Dragon's Desire
  • A Dragon's Heart
  • A Dragon's Witch

"I was pulled into this story so fast, and so deeply, that I forgot I was reading." - Mom2three

"As a fan of all things magical and mythological, this book blew me away! I'd give it 10 stars if I could! Well done, Tina!." - Angie

"History seems to come alive as nothing in the past did for me before." - Megan M. 

A Dragon's Destiny is a fantasy romance for fans of Norse mythology, paranormal romance, and time-travel. Download this fantastic adventure now!

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