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Helltown: Book 3 (The Hell Chronicles) Ebook

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There will be Hell to pay for the betrayal.

She might have refused the call to be a hero, but fate has other intentions.

Betrayed, Sif awakens from her artificial sleep to a new world where the Dark Elves have invaded and began to cull humanity. But it's Loki, the Norse god of mischief, who has her head swimming. He's given her one task--to fix this mess.

Lady Hel has returned to Helheim, her kingdom restored, but it's not enough. She's dragged Thor with her to teach him a valuable lesson, and with the Bifrost Bridge broken, the gods of Asgard are unable to help.

The only hope this dystopian Midgard has is a motley crew, and should they fail, they risk the Dark Elves culling them, and all of humanity.

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