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Three Little Words

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Evil stalks the supernatural world, and it's got me in its sights...

For a romance writer who fell headfirst into her own musings, I'm not the happiest camper in the supernatural woods. 

Sure, I had a fated mate. Check. A kick-butt wardrobe worthy of a true heroine. Check. My share of wins against the bad guys. Check. But just when I think I'd finally found a new normal living in a hidden paranormal world, reality checks me pretty hard. 

Getting attacked by a magical knife on the streets of New York spins me on my axis once again as a dangerous evil comes out to play, leaving a trail of bodies to follow and catapulting me to a new level of WTF terror.

My only hope of surviving this round of insanity is old friends, a dangerous wolf pack, and unexpected allies.

But when I miss seeing the full scope of things, I make a dangerous situation so much worse. So bad it could cost me everything I hold dear, including my fated mate.

I'm not sure I'm quite ready or willing to give up this undead life that I'd just found. 

Which means I gotta take this fight to the enemy, to the evil determined to take me down. Come hell or high dragons, I'm all in to save my new family or die trying.

The Order of the Dragon series is best enjoyed when read in reading order.

1. Zero Hour
2. Once Bitten
3. Twice as High
4. Three Little Words5. Charming Like A Wolf6. A Vampire Gives No Quarter7. Bite Me


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