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Hunting the Undead: A Hell Chronicles Novella Ebook

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Survive the night. Stay alive.

Some girls have all the luck, but for Suzy Raven, a paranormal investigator who works with the different pantheons, luck just ran out.

Convicted of murdering three humans, when the prison doors slammed shut behind her, she counted down the days until she’d be released.

Without any witnesses and with innocent blood on her hands, she was supposed to rot in that cell, until her lawyer found a way out: an opportunity.

She’ll have to spend the night in the old MacGregor estate. It was supposed to be haunted, a place of brutal evil. But why fear something imaginary, when there was enough to fear in reality?

If she can survive the night, she can walk away scot-free.

After all, monsters aren’t real, or are they?

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