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Receive this signed, edition of Four Times the Fight, and discover why readers are calling this "fun and entertaining." Plus receive the special bonus of extra goodies when you purchase direct!

I see dead people, and that is so not what I signed up for.

My vampire life itches, like I’ve thrashed around in poison sumac. I’m a freaking stranger in my own skin, balancing the day-to-day with paranormal shenanigans while my drop-dead gorgeous fated mate is sidetracked by supernatural politics.

When I’m knocked out by a ghost and fail my test to join the Order, my future in the organization is at stake. One thing is crystal clear. I can’t be a vampire without the Order’s protection.

It’s like everything I touch has that anti-Midas curse until I discover runic staves on an old Revolutionary War button from my late father’s things.

Then everything changes. And I’m led on a search for my family’s connection to magic.

And my purpose.

Maybe it’s not to just become a member of the Order. Maybe there is more for me…

..but, then again, nothing is ever as easy as it seems, not for me. Seems I may have more in common with the practitioners of the dark arts than I knew. And more trouble coming for me…

Ack! This vampire may have bitten off more than she can drink!

Product Description/Specs:

Format: Paperback

Size: 5x8

Pages: 208