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A Vampire's Blessing Ebook

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Unicorns, vampires, and obscure legends…oh, my!

Leslie Love is adjusting to vampire life, but when she receives an invitation to attend a writer's conference in Scotland, she's gung-ho to get back to normal. Whatever that is now.

But normal isn't getting caught in a territory run by a Fae prince where nothing is as it seems. She should just walk away.

Trouble is she can't.

Someone is hunting unicorns. And Leslie learns that their blood, considered a delicacy in the supernatural world, is so rich, pure, and magical that it can cure any ailment, including restoring life to the undead. Like her...

Dare she attempt to change her new normal for the old life she longs to have back? Or is there more to the legend than meets her undead eye? Action, suspense, and fantastical mystery converge in this True Blood meets The Last Unicorn Urban Fantasy mashup.

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